According to Dr. Shirley Wright, Albert Einstein took a flight to a US military installation to view aliens and UFOs, according to the Daily Star.

Recent audio recordings reveal that a British scientist was sent to Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 by top-secret operatives to examine the remains of a crashed UFO that included aliens.

According to the statement, Einstein and Dr. Shirley Wright, his assistant, were summoned to the area by the government to examine the dead and the location of the “extraterrestrial vehicle” crash.

Shirley claims that she feels compelled to “tell the truth.” She said that in July 1947, the covert facility requested the services of Einstein, “the most renowned theoretical physicist of the 20th century,” to provide his professional judgment.

She claims that she and Einstein were asked to attend a “crisis conference” at the airfield that included other members of the military and scientists.

Since then, audio recordings of Shirley’s interview have come to light. Shirley stated on the tapes that she believed she had a “duty to history to expose the truth.”

Dr. Wright taped the account in 1993, but it wasn’t made public until recently.

A spacecraft belonging to another planet was displayed to them. Its size covered a quarter of the hangar floor. One side of the airplane was damaged. When we approached the ship, the reflective covering on its hull started to get fairly dull.

“Seeing the real evidence had no impact on Einstein in the slightest. He mentioned something of the effect that he was not shocked that they came to Earth and that it gave him hope that humanity may learn more about the cosmos, but I didn’t capture it in my notes when he first spoke. He asserted that any contact should be advantageous to both of our worlds.

She continued by discussing their own perceptions of the aliens.

Some professionals, including my supervisor, were permitted to take a closer look, the woman stated. I thought all five of them had the same appearance. The majority of their bodies weren’t nude since they were wearing form-fitting suits; yet, they were around five feet tall, hairless, had massive heads, and had enormous black eyes. Their skin was gray with a faint greenish tint. However, I had heard that they lacked genitalia and a navel.

She continued by saying that on a subsequent journey, one extraterrestrial was still alive, and she had seen him “writhe in anguish,” but she had been removed from the premises, but Einstein, who had a different clearance, had been permitted to remain.

Additionally, Dr. Wright stated that if she suddenly spoke up, this visit would be rejected via all official means. She also stated that she had pledged to remain a secret.

According to the Albert Einstein Foundation, there are currently no records of Einstein’s location.

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