Wow! Scientists Discover A ‘Yellow Brick Road’ in a Never-Before-Seen Area Deep In The Pacific

An expedition has discovered an old dried-up lake bed paved with what seems to be a yellow brick road on a deep-sea ridge just north of the Hawaiian Islands, according to Science Alert.

Nautilus, an exploration vessel presently studying the Liliuokalani ridge inside the Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument, came upon the striking scene by happenstance.

Following a description of the undersea phenomenon as a “dried lake bed,” a post on the Nautilus’ website provides further information. What seems to be a “yellow brick road” leading to the mythological city of Atlantis is really an example of active volcanic geology from an ancient time period.

Earlier this week, the Nautilus team uploaded a video to the official Nautilus YouTube channel. There are additional video of the team gathering rock samples and making observations about the marine life in the area.

“It’s the road to Atlantis,” a researcher on the radio can be heard exclaiming. “The yellow brick road?” another voice countered. “This is bizarre,” added another team member. “Are you kidding me? This is crazy.”

Despite the fact that it is lying under hundreds of kilometers of water, the lake bed uncovered by researchers on the top of the Nootka seamount seems to be remarkably dry. The crew communicates over the radio that the ground seems to be similar to “baked crust” that might be peeled off.

Given how quickly the ocean is being destroyed, it’s encouraging to watch marine experts get enthused about new findings. However it’s disheartening to realize Coral reefs are bleaching once again, wildlife are living amid plastic wastelands, and experts predict that a mass extinction is on the horizon.

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